SPEED UP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION Software to speed up your Internet connection,Boost and optimize the net speed Internet speed booster prevents automatic disconnections. Add more speeds greater than 115200 to your modem settings. Speed up your connection without any networking or communication background requirements. Detect your OS to indicate the best settings for your system. Adjusts MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), MSS (Maximum Segment Size). Automatically detect the MTU for all networks along the path to a remote host (MTU discovery procedure).

WOOWEB-PRO V5 5.80: Advanced router and firewall program with high user and bandwidth management

WOOWEB-PRO is a firewall/router software providing a solution at the corporate level for outbound and inbound Internet access. It transforms any computer into a powerful high-level multiple-port router with advanced filtering, management and logging. It can manage thousands of machines and users, 4 LANs, and 64 Internet connections. The global bandwidth can be distributed evenly to all users, or shared out according to configurable per-user rules

cable, adsl, isdn, internet sharing, router, pppoa, firewall, pppoe, proxy

Remote Database Monitoring Tool 4.17: Web server management software monitor critical network devices for availability
Remote Database Monitoring Tool 4.17

Monitor remote server to notify users for network problems in variety of different ways by providing alert notification with sound, email, instant message or SMS. Web services program is featured with remote access service to perform connections and login to remote networks with dial-up, ADSL, ISDN or similar technologies.

trigger, network, printer, resolve, monitor, tcp port, remote, email, check, tool, error, server, validate

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